Health care facilities are facing increasing pressure to reduce staff costs and turnover while simultaneously increase their operating efficiency. It’s a tough challenge to tackle. At WantNurse, we bring a combined healthcare experience of over 60 years to find innovative solutions to this challenge. Our goal is to understand the unique needs of your organization and offer a solution that works best for you.

Employers – Looking for top talent?

Top talent

Recruiting talented nurses is critical to the success of any hospital, as nurses are the face of a healthcare organization. With the right nurses in place, you can not only provide the best quality of patient care across your organization, but also boost the patient satisfaction scores.

Permanent solution

We provide a permanent solution to your staffing needs. Having permanent staff helps you align organizational goals, decrease variation, and improve quality of care.

Cost containment

By hiring permanent nurses, you avoid the trap of a constant revolving door where you have temporary nurses come and go. Imagine a world where you can avoid the time and resources you can save by going with a permanent solution for your nursing needs.  


To help facilities cope with the ongoing nursing shortage, we offer our international R.N.'s on long-term assignments. We oversee the time-consuming nurse recruiting and hiring process, including education, licensure, and NCLEX-RN preparation. WantNurse also provides pre- and post-arrival clinical support, cultural acclimation, relocation, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition for every nurse to the U.S.

WantNurse works with nurses to ensure that they meet the specific clinical requirements of your facility and provides nurses with ongoing clinical support.
Our nurses receive full logistical support to ensure that housing, transportation, and other details are taken care of before they start at your facility. Medliant provides ongoing emotional and cultural support to ensure that our nurses are adjusting well. Our nurses are fully supported, so they are set for success at your facility.

All our nurses receive pre-assignment support to ensure they are properly trained to meet your facility's needs. We offer nurses ongoing clinical support for questions that arise on the job, as well as free, continuing education throughout their assignment.

Yes, many nurses extend beyond their initial assignment. You can extend a temporary assignment for any duration to suit your facility's nursing plans.

Our recruiting specialists are dedicated to finding the right nurse for your facility. By recruiting English-speaking nurses from around the world, we're able to address the current nursing shortage by offering our clients access to well-trained, highly qualified nurses across a wide range of specialties. Nurses are carefully prescreened to ensure that they meet U.S. standards and have excellent references, outstanding clinical skills, and several years' experience in U.S. equivalent acute-care facilities.
These nurses are available for long-term assignments so that they can make a substantial contribution to your healthcare team. We handle all immigration, licensing, and relocation details and ensure they are well settled in their new surroundings and ready to begin as soon as they arrive at your facility.

The first step is to fill out a staffing inquiry online or give us a call. Our experienced recruiting specialist can work with you to fulfill your requirements.

WantNurse takes care of all the immigration and licensing details, so when they arrive on assignment, they are legal U.S. residents and fully licensed.