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Nurses – Looking for a great job ?

Best Fit

When it comes to making the decision of which job offer you will accept, keep in mind the best fit for both parties you and the hospital you will be working with. Nursing jobs tend to be more complex than in any other professions because of the nature of the work that we do.  We need to make sure that the job we are going to take up would be the best fit for us based on our own strengths and weaknesses.

Top pay

Based on the current market conditions, such as nursing shortages and increased demand, you may find yourself inundated with job opportunities. Sorting through the various offers, can be overwhelming. In this scenario, compensation becomes an important element to consider and assess.  Even so, use caution in placing too much emphasis on the almighty dollar, which can lead to uninformed decisions, impacting other life priorities and leaving lasting consequences.

Great Future

By choosing a place that offers you meaningful work, with supportive colleagues, and a nurturing environment, you will be setting yourself up for success. Our mission is to set you up for success for the rest of your life.

Employers – Looking for top talent?

Top talent

Recruiting talented nurses is critical to the success of any hospital, as nurses are the face of a healthcare organization. With the right nurses in place, you can not only provide the best quality of patient care across your organization, but also boost the patient satisfaction scores.

Permanent solution

We provide a permanent solution to your staffing needs. Having permanent staff helps you align organizational goals, decrease variation, and improve quality of care.

Cost containment

By hiring permanent nurses, you avoid the trap of a constant revolving door where you have temporary nurses come and go. Imagine a world where you can avoid the time and resources you can save by going with a permanent solution for your nursing needs.  

Top talent

Permanent solution

Decrease turnover

Cost containment

International nurses

Are you ready to take your nursing career to the next level?

WantNurse is ready to take every step with you through the international nursing recruitment process so you and your family can get to the United States and start achieving your career goals. Start the next phase of your rewarding international nursing career, by clicking the link below.


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Popular Nursing Jobs

Everyday we’re getting new calls and requests for nursing services—from palliative care to wound care, from small clinics like fertility centers to large health orgs and tech companies.

We couldn’t possibly list all the job types, but here are the most popular categories and a brief description of each.


Detox, Wound Care, Pediatrics/Neonatal, Non-Crisis Psych, Event Sitter, Case Management, Mediset, Continuous Monitoring, and many more!

Flexible Hours

SNF shifts are plenty—all AM, PM, NOC shifts are usually open. Hit the ground running in these roles. New grad friendly!


Education settings are fantastic right now for so many reasons. Senior level pay! Get to work with your choice of school ages.

Private Homes

Provide one-on-one care for clients in a residential home. Choose from short 2-hour visits up to around the clock care.

IP/OP Treatment

IP/OP usually entails working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to provide fast, accurate care to people in high need.

Speciality Infusion

Specialty Infusions are advanced clinic level care, provided at home. So, you can be a super star while working on the couch.

Helping nurses build the lives they want.

We Provide you with Safe, comfortable, and Need Specific Processing Throughout your Overseas Nurses Jobs Journey.Wantnurse is an International Overseas Nurses recruitment Agency registered with the Ministry of External Affairs. So, you can be confident with us throughout processing. We ensure that the End to End processing of your Application is carried out transparently and with consistent support from our HR Executives.

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